“The Belgian family business P.C Boschmans has been an established name in the jewellery sector since 1865”.



Precious metal and solder

Private labels


PC Boschmans produces a high quality range of rings, alliances and frames. These are available in different alloys and finishes.

We supply both raw basic rings and fully finished frames.

Our machine park is CNC oriented, allowing us to focus on precision work and guarantee very accurate shapes and dimensions.

If desired, the rings can then be set by our experienced goldsmiths and setters.

For more information you can view our catalogue here.


Thanks to our modernised machinery, we are strong in the manufacture of precious metal components by means of thermo-mechanical shaping processes. (drawing, rolling, punching,…) and machining techniques (turning and milling). In the catalogue below you will find a range of high-quality parts that we produce 100% ourselves in Wijnegem.

These parts are always in stock and immediately available.

Both 14kt and 18kt, in white, yellow or red gold are in stock.

*new (new in this catalogue, our parts are now also available in red gold)

Precious metal and solder

P.C. Boschmans is uw partner voor het efficient recupereren van hoogwaardige legeringen. U kan bij ons terecht voor het smelten en raffineren van sloopgoud, oude juwelen, munten, enz.. Ook slopen en verwerken van edelmetaal componenten zoals geleiders, edelmetaal kroezen, thermokoppels,… Dankzij onze uitgebreide expertise garanderen wij u een accurate analyse en een snelle verwerking van uw metaal.

Voor meer informatie kan u hier onze catalogus bekijken.

Private labels

For 155 years P.C.Boschmans has been developing and producing the most beautiful jewellery. But we also offer our knowledge and skills in the development and production of jewellery for various leading jewellery brands. By doing all phases of development and production “in house”, we offer an excellent price-quality ratio and we have built solid customer relationships for many years.

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In our “DENTAL” department we focus on the production of parts for dental applications in various metals and precious metal alloys according to ISO 13485:2016 standards. (medical devices)

Our focus is on the production of attachments in precious metal and precious metal wire.


P.C. Boschmans, your partner for the production of specialized products intended for medical applications.


Since 2018 we also focus on the production of surgical components such as specific needles and parts for surgical materials.

We carry out these activities as sub-contractors for various companies and projects.

Our ISO 13485:2016 certificate (medical devices) offers our customers the necessary security in terms of quality guarantees and responsibilities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about the production possibilities.


We also offer our expertise for the development and production of your own jewellery brand, contact Koen, koen@pcboschmans.com for information about your own private label.

If you, as a jeweler, need a finished product, then you will surely find your choice in our various brands such as Supermom or Atelier P.

Our representatives are ready to provide you with the necessary information and catalogue.


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Atelier P. : www.atelier-p.be
Supermom: www.supermomantwerp.be