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As a goldsmith, every jewel you create is personal and unique for your customer.
At PC Boschmans, we’d like to help you make your customer’s dreams come true.



We can supply you a variety of precious metal alloys:  gold, platinum and silver. The alloys are available in standard plate, lamina (octagon), thread, (hinged) tubes and disks. You can also specify in your order which dimensions (thickness, width and length) you desire. You can ask for information about the manufacturing costs. On the basis of the calculation module below, you can already estimate the weight.

In addition, we propose a wide range of precious metal solder. Solder is available in easy-to-cut sheets or in the form of paste. For both types we offer different hardness options and colors.

If you make your own precious metal alloy, we can supply you with master alloy. By choosing the right master alloy, you can give the right mechanical properties to the alloy, as a function of the application.
For example, we propose a master alloy suitable for forging and casting.
For these products, we are an official reseller of the Progold Master Alloys brand.
Using this handy simulation, you can calculate the weight yourself.

18 yellow

0.2105 grams