Passion for perfection


P.C. Boschmans does business with professionals only



Since 1865, from generation to generation, we create components and jewellery with pride and passion for the top-of-the-range jewellery sector. In both our jewellery-making and customer contact, we work with passion and attention to detail at every step of the process.

Based on this state of mind or better, inspired by our philosophy, "Passion for Perfection" is the DNA of our company. With this approach, we can achieve the high standards of excellence and quality that we set for ourselves every day.



Petrus Carolus Boschmans

The family business P.C. Boschmans is already at the 5th generation and has become a household name in the international jewellery sector. As the world diamond center, Antwerp is an ideal base, and provides an ideal setting for the company to develop its international activities as a supplier for this industry.

The growth of P.C. Boschmans has been made possible by investing for generations in the traditional craftsmanship to produce ornaments, components and jewellery. All jewels are manufactured from high-grade alloy and to ensure precision, technological developments have their importance. In terms of product innovation, we also rely on CAD design and 3D printing. At every step, we are working with passion for excellence and an extraordinary attention to detail. That’s how we can always deliver outstanding quality. P.C. Boschmans guarantees professionalism and quality as well as integrity and respect for all its partners. The company has thus earned trust and these values are also reflected in the work of our laboratory, in which ancient jewels and precious metal residues are recycled into pure raw materials and alloys. The gold and silver bars all bear our own recognized trademark.

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The Fenix is the symbol of the P.C. Boschmans logo; it suggests the sense of infinity generated by the creation of beautiful rings through the rebirth of recycled material



To manufacture its products, P.C. Boschmans uses only metal from trusted sources, such as recycled and purified metal. In addition, together with our partners, we have signed a charter against cooperation with conflict areas.